12 Sided Guys

Crystal Codex - Ep. 88: Crossfire

November 21, 2022

While just trying to enjoy the music of Tedward (and Pender), Nari & the Boys find themselves in the Headsman’s sights. Indifferent to the hundreds of innocent bystanders in the way, Bartoz launches his assault on our heroes. Cornered in their balcony with no clear path to their enemy, Nari & the Boys must stop Bartoz and his men before they put any more civilians in danger.

Join us for this actual play D&D adventure inspired by our favorite 16 bit era RPGs.

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Additional‌ ‌sound‌ ‌effects‌ ‌from‌ ‌zapsplat.com and tabletopaudio.com.

Additional music by Jonathan Shaw. Find more of his music at www.jshaw.co.uk.

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